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Hermetic Laws

Ishq Allah Mahabud Líllah
The Spirit is at once The Lover, The Beloved and Love Itself

Chalice Well Gardens 2002

The Hermetic Laws of the Universe

The Law of Mind: "The All is Spirit. The All is Mind. All is in the Mind of the All. The All is infinite and nothing really exists outside of Mind. The All is changeless. The All is life. The All is in all, and all is in the All. Although the infinite universe was created by the Infinite Mind of God, the finite universe was dreamt up in the finite mind of man. Therefore, the All is unknowable to the mortal mind.”

God is Spirit and Spirit is Mind. All that truly exists exists in the infinite, eternal, changeless Mind of God. God is in everyone and everything, and all is in God. But finite mind cannot know God.

The Law of Correspondence: “As above so below. Just as Spirit is Mind, so too are Its creations. Just as Spirit uses Mind to create Its Reality, so too do Its creations use their mind to create their reality. Also, there is always a correspondence or similarity between the Laws of the higher realms and the laws of the lower realms. The latter reflects the former. And all things that manifest on the lower planes, have a corresponding thought that first occurred on higher planes of Mind.”

Made in God’s image, we are Spirit and Mind. Our lives correspond to the thoughts in our Mind.

Loughcrew Interior Glyphs Enhanced 2002The Law of Cause and Effect: “Everything happens according to law. Nothing merely happens. There is no such thing as chance. Every thought and action has its direct and indirect results. Every cause has an effect and every effect has a cause. Spirit is the original Cause and we are the effect. So too do all of our thoughts become causes of some effect.”

The Law of Vibration: “Nothing rests; everything vibrates at a rate that best reflects the rate of vibration of the thought that ‘caused’ it. Vibrations are reflected in the apparent differences in colors (red to violet), sounds (low drones to high pitched), temperatures, (hot to cool), objects (dense to ethereal), and even in our thoughts (angry or sad to love and joy).”

Vibration is the effect of thought. We are always creating a vibration congruent with our thoughts.

The Law of Polarity: “Everything in the material universe expresses duality and seems to have opposing poles. One’s perception of the polarity which they experience can shift merely by a change in thought or attitude. To change your physical or emotional state from a less desirable one to a more desirable one, you must change your thoughts, which then alters your vibration. This you accomplish through the use of concentration and willpower. When you are a master, rather than a slave, of your mental states then you can learn to polarize yourself to any mood or attitude. The swing of the pendulum that occurs within duality can be neutralized by realizing that positive and negative or right and wrong do not exist. In realizing this, duality becomes unified and you are no longer pulled out of your center. After all, the further you get from your center, the more you are bound by the lower laws of the material world. On the other hand, the closer you are to your center, the closer you are to freedom.”

Cornwall Baylet 2002The Law of Rhythm:
Everything flows out and in; all things rise and fall. Nothing is static--there is a rhythm to everything. Change is the ONE constant in the world of form, so relax into the rise and fall, the ebb and flow.

The Law of Gender: Gender is in everything. All things have a masculine and/or feminine aspect. Males and females embody both masculine and feminine traits.

The Hermetic Laws originate in ancient times and were passed down by oral tradition from Hermes Trismegistus, "The Greatest Great". Seven laws were published anonymously by "Three Initiates" in The Kybalion in 1908. This version comes primarily from Michael Mirdad's courses in Christ Consciousness.

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