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Lift & Shift

Lift and shift your energy with music, movement and humor. . .

Q:  I'm really too %^##^&*)@!! angry to even think about practicing forgiveness. What about THAT?!!!

A:  No worries--you don't have to give it ALL up in one fell swoop (although THAT would feel spectacular!) All that's needed is a measure of willingness. Your process will be accelerated if you follow willingness with practice. The fact that you're here reading this shows that you have willingness! Humor helps a lot. Shifting your energy by having a good laugh, moving your body, getting outside or listening to or making music helps a lot. Take in something like OK Go's "This Too Shall Pass" video to boost your spirits. Dance and sing along. Bust a gut. Shake it 'til you make it!

This Too Shall Pass by OK Go Lyrics

In the mood for camaraderie and harmony? Waking Journey by Here II Here


Drawn to spiritual physics? Love is a Boomerang by Armand & Angelina


Ready to go for baroque? cheeky
Allegro, Brandenburg Concerto No. 5 by J.S. Bach
performed by the Freiburg Baroque Orchestra 


Too funny not to include: Dog Enjoying the Mud


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