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Valerin:  a gentle, homeopathic, non-drowsy herbal muscle relaxant to get you through the rough spots between massages, halt spasms and stop the domino effect of hypertonic muscle tissue. But still get your massage wink to increase muscle relaxation, straighten out any tangles in the muscle fibers and release toxins accumulated during the spasm. And, of course, to feel better! Contains valerian root, passion flower and magnesium.



Aromatherapy Eco Palm Wax Chakra Jar Candles: $15 tax included
(Ethically sourced and sustainable—available at your session)

Aromatherapy Chakra Palm Wax Jar Candles with pure essential oils

Jonn Serrie: Much of the music I play Jonn Serrie Day Starduring sessions is the soothing space music of Jonn Serrie because he is simply that good!

~   ~   ~   ~   ~   ~   ~   ~   ~   ~   ~   ~   ~   ~   ~   ~   ~   ~   ~   ~   ~   ~   ~   ~   ~   ~   ~

Nigel Shaw: The exquisite Celtic music heard during bodywork sessions includes:

  • Nigel Shaw Beech LeavesNocturnes
  • Requiem: Well of Souls
  • Echoes of the Ancient Forest
  • Dartmoor Journey
  • Dartmoor Roundhouse
  • Dartmoor Symphony
  • Flow
    Available exclusively from Nigel Shaw and Carolyn Hillyer:
    Seventh Wave Music

White Flower Copper Bowl SunshineFresh Air and Sunshine!

Sunlight and Vitamin D:
Necessary for Public Health

Sun Avoidance as Dangerous as Smoking

Mercola Sunlight 

A Brief History of Early Sun Therapy

Vitamin D Disease Prevention Studies

This chart summarizes 15 peer-reviewed, published papers regarding vitamin D and certain adverse health conditions. It uses a reference level of 25 ng/ml, which means that the percentage reductions are based on raising Vitamin D levels from 25 ng/ml to the amount showing the percentage reduction. (25 ng/ml is the average of the standard population).

Best Sleeping Positions for Pain: click for link to better quality graphic

Best Sleeping Positions for Pain and Injury

Castor Oil Packs assist with internal cleansing of the body both generally and at specific sites of inflammation. Here are links to everything needed to give yourself castor oil pack treatments:

Castor Oil Pack Starter Kit

Castor Oil Pack Instructions

Castor Oil Pack Instructional Video

Great Taste No Pain: This easy-to-understand-and-follow system of eating to promote alkalinity in the body also solves a myriad of digestive problems. GOOD information I cannot recommend highly enough! Also, a link to excellent probiotics. Finally, avoid carrageenan (food additive). I learned the hard way.

Great Taste No Pain

Super Shield Probiotics

Carrageenan Report by Cornucopia Institute


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