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The greatest wealth is health.  ~  Virgil

Ashiatsu Deep Feet Certified LogoA dance of healing for your body, Ashiatsu DeepFeet Bar Therapy is deep, silky pressure delivered by skillful bare feet while you rest comfortably on a standard massage table. A modern refinement of ancient techniques, Ashiatsu provides the deepest, most luxurious massage on the planet without painful poking. Sweet relaxation with deep tissue results. Especially effective for the lower back, spinal erectors, shoulders, glutes and hamstrings, this bodywork can increase the intervertebral disc space, resulting in fluidity of movement and pain relief.

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Sacred Lomi On Hold Due to COVID-19.

Lomi with Carol, Norma and NorbWhat is Sacred Lomi?

Open Heart Bodywork

Sacred Lomi (lomilomi) is spiritually-oriented, heart-centered massage. It invites transformation and healing. Physically, it's quite different from Swedish massage, with longer, more flowing strokes. Many say it feels like beautiful waves washing over them.

Lomilomi is a healing art practiced by native Hawaiians. There are many unique forms, developed and passed down by family tradition through history. Part of Hawaiian healing is lomilomi bodywork (lomi means knead).

Sacred Lomi derives from Hawaiian Temple Bodywork, a distinctive style practiced by Hawaiian kahunas (shamans) as a sacred rite of passage. This work supports personal transformation—dying to the old and being reborn to the new. It is experiential, not generally outcome-oriented or Rainbow Falls, Hilo, Hawaiidirected toward particular bodily issues. The receiver of Sacred Lomi may experience images and visions, a release of emotion, sleep or nothing of particular note. The work is deeply relaxing. Whatever you experience, trust that it is perfect for you at this time. The effect of Sacred Lomi continues to unfold long after the session is over.

Because of the depth and intent of Sacred Lomi, it is recommended that you allow yourself some time to integrate after your session. Ideally you can go home or to another quiet place, free of responsibilities for at least a few hours or the rest of the day. Now is the time to relax, read inspiring material, journal, enjoy nature, sip water or juice, eat delicious healthy food, watch the world go by or just take a nap.

For a Sacred Lomi session we need:

  • 2 hours for the session as a whole, which includes 90 minutes of bodywork
  • Willingness to get oily, even your hair
  • Willingness to receive massage with minimal draping and no breast cover when you are face up
  • Openness to the process and style, just allowing each session to be whatever it is for you
  • IF you shave, clean shaven

Sacred Lomi Ashi
Satisfy the desire for pressure and the need to deeply decompress with a combination of Sacred Lomi and Ashiatsu. Aaah!

White Flowers and StonesSacred Lomi Stone -              On Hold Due to COVID-19
Bring ancient rituals of cleansing into the present with a sumptuous blend of Sacred Lomi and warm Himalayan salt stones. Melt away the stresses of the day and boost the energy-clearing and toxin-releasing effects of massage with a luxurious Sacred Lomi Stone treatment. Smooth, mineral-rich stones from pristine mountain deposits glide over your muscles on silky oil, lending their inherent energy to lomi lomi techniques. A nurturing and transformative experience, but not suggested for women who are pregnant or may be pregnant.

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Cancer-Literate/Oncology Massage can relieve some of the stress of cancer treatment, assist pain relief, lessen fatigue, improve sleep and foster an increased sense of well-being and quality of life. Oncology massage takes into account all treatment for cancer that has been received, whether ongoing or in the past. Carol has 100+ hours of continuing education in massage therapy for cancer patients and is ready to provide safe, nurturing massage from diagnosis through treatment and into recovery and survivorship.  She provided massage for patients, caregivers and staff at Houston's
MD Anderson Cancer Center for 10 years.

Understanding how common cancer treatments intersect with massage therapy allows the crafting of a supportive custom massage that does no harm. This team effort of therapist and client requires disclosure of detailed medical information. While the approach is conservative, it may be fine-tuned through trial and error with the goal of safety firmly in mind.

Carol is proud to be included as an integrative therapy provider on Nancy's List, a national directory of not-so-easy-to-find resources for people with cancer, gratefully and lovingly produced by Dr. Nancy Novack. She writes:

Nancy's List is my love letter to the universe, an expression of my profound gratitude for my miraculous recovery from stage 4 ovarian cancer . . . and my amazing life.

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Lyme-Literate Massage
Understanding how Lyme disease and coinfections affect and manifest in the body allows Carol to craft a custom massage that helps clients wherever they are that day. Guided by lifestyle, treatments received and estimates of inflammation and toxin load, this team effort of therapist and client may involve some trial and error. The same principles apply to massage therapy for people with fibromyalgia and chronic fatigue syndrome (ME/CFS).

Massage Hands Trapezius abmp image

Skillful hands stroke, knead and compress muscles for whole-body relaxation that restores and rejuvenates. Includes acupressure and deep tissue techniques, which may be left out for those who need or prefer lighter pressure.

Therapeutic 30
A shorter massage session focusing on specific therapeutic purposes using appropriate techniques. Also for those with health challenges that make a longer session uncomfortable or not advised.

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Please be prepared to pay in cash for your first session.

Aromatherapy$10 / each
Ashiatsu$170 / 60 minutes
Ashiatsu$250 / 90 minutes
Ashiatsu$340 / 120 minutes
Lyme-Literate Massage$150 / 60 minutes
Oncology Massage$150 / 60 minutes
Proven FullyVaxxed$75-170 / each
Sacred Lomi$290 / 90 minutes
Sacred Lomi Ashi$290 / 90 minutes
Sacred Lomi Stone$330 / 90 minutes
Swedish/Acupressure$150 / 60 minutes
Swedish/Acupressure$220 / 90 minutes
Therapeutic 30$85 / 30 minutes
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